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Kamil Kluz

CEO & Founder

We help entrepreneurs to:

araise in the Internet,

create, manage nad modify their internet websitesstworzyć,

counsell the best tech solutions for them in their businesses,

organise online webinars,

make online ad campaigns.

About Us

We help entrepreneurs in creating, managing and modifying their websites.

In cooperation we priority pay attention on usability of the webpage in respect of marketing and then in respect of technology. We own as well experience and knowledge in creating ads in social media and search engines. What sets us apart? We have very flexible attitude to every client and fair marketing knowledge. In our offer we put on hour-based packages. From the customer’s perspective they are more convenient than task-based orders as hours in packages may be used in any moment – as well as during making website or later at editing and managing.

We can help remotely by using remote desktop

We organise as well webinars used for learing, business or marketing purposes.

We also deal with IT consulting helping to select appropriate software and hardware basing on our knowledge and experience or making market research.

We help elder people making personal lessons about using a computer.

Offer – creating webpages

Hour-based packages

Basic Package

25 USD
to use during one month

Optimum Package Best deal!

115 USD
to use during one year

Premium Package

255 USD
to use during one year

Hosting WWW

We help entrepreneurs providing services of hosting websites made by us or pre-made/ready projects. We have servers in Poland. Every website stored in our servers is protected against attacks due to CloudFlare service and they have CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is to make available all websites in high availability and performance to end users.
We decided to appraise usage of our server based on quantity of uniqe users (UU) on website (monthly) which allowed us to abolish limits of quantity of databases, ftp accounts, domains and e-mail accounts. We believe that this way of appraising will be the best for Our Clients.

Quantity of unique users adds up from every owned domain.
In case of blatant service abuse (mass making of databases, users, e-mail accounts, storaging very big files etc.) and when client actions threaten server, bandwidth or other users we reserve the right to suspend all services untill explanation.
Ilość unikalnych odwiedzin sumuje się z każdej posiadanej przez klienta domeny.

Newly made websites


In case of willingness to cooperate please fill in form below with details or call:

ExKLUZiv Solutions
Al. Prof. A. Krzyżanowskiego 8/4
35-329 Rzeszów
NIP: 813-366-30-92
tel.: +48 661 470 775

Zakres kompetencji: tworzenie stron, modyfikacja stron, zarządzanie stronami, webinary, konferencje online, konferencje internetowe, doradztwo IT, doradztwo komputerowe, kampanie facebook, reklamy facebook.